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I recently installed winamp both at home and in my office. I have a recurring problem for which I found no parallel either in the forums here or elesewhere.

When I try to listen to internet radio on my home computer, the sound will die after some time (ranging from a split second - like just now - to half an hour). I can click anything, but it won't re-start. After I shut down the winamp window, and check with the program manager, I find winamp.exe still running, with a sizable CPU and memory share, and have to shut it down manually.

No such problems at the office.

I suspect it has something to do with having a company firewall/antivir protection at the office, while at home I use ZoneAlarm free and AVG. (As for operation systems and browsers, I use Win2000 and Firefox at both places.) However, I can't fanthom what that problem could be: I had and have everything enabled for Winamp in ZA, and also tried shutting down AVG to no avail.
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