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Britney Fluff, now there was a helluva skin

I would have to echo fm's sentiments,and not just because he picked two of my skins, for me the golden age of classic skinning really was 4 - 5 years back, when most of the inovative ideas and designs came out of the woodwork.

For a real classic skin, I love the Bathtile series...




I Even like that one that was done by that scallywag Cap'n Jones, still annoyed that he never asked mine or cappys permission to do it, the bloody mbinner on that is just downright bad taste :-/

My classic library is very very small, I still use LFB in the dark, and that's a five year old one, that's been pretty constant since the day I first installed winamp.

In recent times the only skins that have jumped out at me to show any sign of fun and originallity are sledheads poker/pool playing dogs and luigis TNBC skins, there are probably a few others as well along the way, maybe they will come back to me later.....
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