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Internet Radio on v5.08e

Basically when I search the internet radio database within winamp 5 and click any link, nothing happens, no sound, the servers dont even show up in the playlist. I've reinstalled winamp several times with no avail, although when I download the pls file from the yp I can make it work with Real Player but not winamp.
Has this issues been fixed/resolved/workaround found? I can't listen to internet radio. My pc has a pentium IV, and plenty of RAM. I just reinstalled windows(unrelated issue) with sp2 and a fresh install of Winamp v5.08e. (I don't use IE, I use firefox.) It plays a second and then dies. I tried changing the number of streams to 1000 but it did not work. None of the stations in the list work. I tried going to di's homepage and clicking on their link to open/play that way, but still no luck. I connect via wireless card to a linysys router. I don't believe there are any firewall issues as media player 10 plays internet radio just fine. If this is a bug when will a fix be available?
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