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You serious, that's insane - do you mean the post from 2-22-08? Or was it another that was edited?

If they want to fire you for bullshit like that they might as well say goodbye to my family's business. Too bad for them, I actually spent pretty damn good money there.

It's not just to back up a forum member, but more to give a message that corporate bullshit (e.g. outsourcing jobs and paying pathetic wages for hard work) will not be tolerated. I haven't set foot or spent a penny at Wal*Mart since 2001, so adding Target to the list shouldn't be hard at all.

I hope the undereducated, incompetent lowlifes that fired you are reading this. After a quick look at the Target items on my credit card statements, it's easy to estimate that they just lost over two thousand dollars per year in sales from me alone.

Capitalism gives me the right to pay people who deserve my hard earned money and to say fuck you to those who don't deserve it.

Bye bye Target. WR deserves better and will very likely find it.

Don't forget to live before you die.

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