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Originally posted by skryingbreath
Well it's a funny thing to bitch about the company you're working for while on the clock when you should be working and not expect some kind of punishment. While firing is a bit severe, he should have been doing his job instead of posting on the internet especially if he has an easily-replacable job (as in the case of telephone service).
This was not posted from work, it was posted on my own time.

Also: At that job, there's a fucking LOT of downtime. Sometimes there was an hour between calls, sometimes less than a second.
You better believe I am the most determined, dedicated, and hardest worker that was ever on that team.

It was in fact, the same post crossposted to a LiveJournal community called 'customerssuck.'
Apparently some Target CEO scanned the internet and saw it and flipped out. They tracked it down to me and I was fired on the spot.

I offered to take down the post, but apparently that wasn't good enough. What was hilarious is they took me into the office and threw a printout of it at me and asked me 'What can you tell me about this?'
I didn't deny or lie about it, I told them that I had in fact written the post. They said we were having a "discussion" but in all reality, it wouldn't have mattered a shit whatever it was I said.

Now I'm just even more tempted to write out stuff like that.
I could've just taken down the post and had a stern warning, Target. I could've handled that. I could've just made it all go away and then the "DAMAGES" you're cunting on about could've been reversed.

Yeah that was what they said. "I can take the post down, I can fix this."
What damages? I am not seeing hundreds of thousands of Target customers leaving the stores in droves, now am I?

Target, you have terrible intercorporational communications skills, you need to clean up your departments (and that doesn't mean hiring a crazy systems admin lady that will fire us one by one, it means actually doing your job and making your directions competent) and you need to take a little criticism.

You called my termination "A Security Breach." I didn't post the countless credit card numbers that I had access to, I didn't post any names, and I didn't post any numbers. I didn't even post the name of the third party call centre that I worked for.
Suck it the fuck up. I loved my job at Target and I did what I could to help the guests and the Team Members alike with their issues. I genuinely enjoy helping people and I was a hard, efficient worker who got shit done -- It's a shame that you lost me because I had a bad day and whined on an unrelated site.

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