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Who are "they" anyway? Was it one person or a group of people? And how far up the ladder were "they"; An immediate supervisor or did "they" have oversight over a general-regional area?

In either case, whoever threw down the final say on your firing is a serious Communist, with a capital "C"...I probably won't go on a personal knee-jerk reaction and go on a Target boycott, since I buy a lot of shit there and it is my place of employment that I actually enjoy most of the time...But that does seem really stupid and out-of-line, since I've generally seen Target as a respectable corporation, save for the few local anecdotes at my store (Which, to be fair, is usually of personal issue instead from something else like store policy)...

I would really love to know what kind of free time these corporate officials have in surfing the internet and picking out things through personal lives, though...Through what remote connection could someone of that position have in finding a remote employee on an unrelated forum to a website about a media player? Granted, it doesn't help you work in a region where there aren't many or any Targets, you've stated your position, and you're first name is there, not to mention the Winamp Forums are somewhat noted of relative importance/noticability on the internet, but none of that is the point...What happened in order for you to have been found? Did someone Google search "Target employees bitching about the job on forums and blogs", or something like that? And what do your personal thoughts have anything to do with your effort in the work environment? I could go on and on and bitch for an hour's worth of typing of things LODs, AP, guest shoppers, and other Target members do or say or whatever that bug the shit out of me, and it still won't keep me from clocking in and working with them the next time I'm scheduled...It's your personal life and not their business...

Hell, all you're doing is just retelling calls you've received from people! I don't see anything that's negative in content against Target in any way; If anything, it's only negative against the dumbasses that you got calls from...It may not be good PR for one side or the other, but I don't recall anything in policy that says you can't hold an opinion about your job outside the job...Now of course you don't have a job anymore...Am I missing something here, or do specific names need to be named to spell things out? You might as well do that anyway, to let the world know of the Communist that fired you...

You know, this kinda reminds me of the issue Ellen Simonetti had with Delta Air Lines when she got fired because of the personal blog she had when she was still employed by them...

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