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Really disapointed with AOL/NSV

So I saw this banner ad on a karaoke site I frequent...

Thing that disappoints i've been doing this on NSV way before this guy, I was there in 2004. This guy broadcasts on yet he gets karaoke label sponsorship.

I heard the stickam folks worked to find this guy sponsors...

Did he ever get stickam noticed by the New York Times?

Outside of just providing me with a server and a small mention on the winamp site, I never got as much as this guy got.

I compare this guy's viewership to mine. He's definitely got way more people watching him on stickam. Probably because stickam/flash video works on everything.

AOL had such a big head start.

Here I am debating if I should drop it too. Hell, most of my 1st gen nullsoft friends have moved on (cept craigf, he's still around). Most of my 2nd gen friends that got laid off in the last round of layoffs are moving off. I know Benski, but we haven't talked in ages and most of these 3rd gen folks, I don't know them at all.

So what's left here for me besides a free server (which I can get at stickam or Can anyone answer that for me? Sorry to be so rantish.
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