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I gave a talk about Milkdrop and WebGL before this huge 8 meter HD screen at the FMX2013 in April and among a bunch of other nice guys, I've met Simo who introduced his music visualization gagdet The APEXvj 2.0 -
There are smartphone apps for iPhone and Android available and it's written in the language Uno by
I've seen some fragments from the syntax and Simo describes it a little bit like C# himself. I'd say JSON too and it has seemless integration for glsl shader code for OpenGL ES2.0 which is also the basis for WebGL.

I haven't heard of any streaming yet but there certainly was a camera. I'm not sure if I'd like everyone to watch my humble slack anyway but here is my slide deck:
In a haste, i went through mostly all of my effects, put them in my latest template at the time and presented them on a Radeon HD7970M in full HD. Each one uses an otherwise quite large 2048x1024 texture (feedback loop) and comes as standalone html file with everything embedded. If you need to reduce the buffer sizes you should be able to find the sizeX/sizeY variable in the js source and I think it's also fairly documented.
The real work is done in the rather small fragment shader programs advance and composite which you should know from warp and composite in Milkdrop.
On the very last slide is a link to a zip file that contains all the files.

It was really nice to meet the author of this blog and this article in particular:
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