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the v2 DNAS has always required an authhash to be present before it'll allow clients to connect if the stream(s) are set to be public as it uses the authhash details for what is provided to them e.g. title, genre etc.

I've explained too many times now why there is the need for an authhash and suggest reading through the docs provided with the DNAS to save me repeating it all again (plus its a pain to find and copy and paste it whilst I'm replying on the mobile).

I am aware that in some setups the automatic generation of the authhash is hindering things so it'll cause clients to be blocked for longer than is desired or that if the directory tester connection doesn't work correctly (though a complete directory failure should already allow clients to connect).

that is why there will be a number of changes made for the next build which will make it accept clients even if the authhash has not been created if set to be public or if the directory is not seeing / accepting the stream(s) as long as a decent title and genre are provided by the connected source.

I'm not too happy about allowing clients if there's directory errors e.g. the 480 error in legitimate cases but this is what people want despite it being a very obvious way to ensure that the DNAS is made available correctly.

as all too often people using the v1 DNAS don't realise there is a yp error for their stream which this was doing despite the complaints and abusive messages received via the formal feedback. though on the other hand it lessens the impact on server updates or stream changes so there's minimal effect on listeners which is the reason why the changes are going to be made.

so things will be fixed and those who have sent pms / messages will likely be targeted with pre-release builds when things are ready for testing.
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