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dude, we don't have the time or resources to add in everything and anything under the sun! we have to start with something as we've under extreme pressure to get something working out of the door - i could procrastinate and not release anything until everything which could be covered is and by then, there'd be no point in releasing an update!

at the moment. we're still trying to a) get things in place and b) decide what is viable to use and c) decide how much will be paid if we have to use any of the services to ensure better quality data (since Winamp is free but is still considered commercial despite not having a pro offering anymore).

and without looking into the Google option, i suspect the terms of it would not fit in well with what we're going to what to have (and based on some other issues, we may not be allowed to use them anyway). though i've added it to my list of additional sources to look into what the API, etc is like.

and why not freedb... because we're primarily going for Musicbrainz as a source of things for tag data as that's what has been decided on (and by basing things on Musicbrainz IDs in other aspects of the re-worked features, it gives us more option to swap and change between services as needed as time goes on).
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