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I wish I knew more about how EAC and mp3tag do their lookups, where they have sources, and so on. all I know is what the user exp is like, moreso EAC than mp3tag.

I'm all for using MB to do tags, art, and so on, and I agree the focus should be on that alone at first. but I would suggest keeping it in mind to making it "open" so for the future, the ability is there to allow for other ways as well, and maybe even let 3rd parties dev them. (that way you can give the user choices and not falter if one service or another goes down)

mp3tag apparently allows you to query different sources for tags and art and that's built in. I don't know if it allows for 3rd party plugins or what not to allow for other sources to be queried. I'm thinking someone more versed than I could explain what exactly mp3tag does to avoid speculation.

EAC does allow for 3rd party plugins for tags. for art it seems to have its own built in system, which might be via google, or multiple sources, but I'm not sure. what it does do, which is great, is it allows you to search in three different sizes, or resolution ranges, and then it allows you to sort by size. that's a fantastic feature. I can get multiple 500x500 or 600x600 "hits" and choose the one I think looks the nicest. it has some quirks but the overall implementation is there.

I would def suggest the devs look at the exp both mp3tag and EAC provide, to see what they like.

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