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Streaming to SHOUTcast v1 using C#

Hi Everyone,

What I am trying to do is write a program to feed mp3s to a hosted shoutcast stream.

I am doing this in c#. I have been successful logging into my stream, passing my password and station data and I receive the "OK2" message. According to a number of articles, posts, and webpages, the next thing I have to do is send the mp3 data.

I've tried sending it as binary, it didn't work. I've tried sending it as ASCII, that didn't work.

The mp3 files are saved to my hard drive, read in, in binary, and sent to my shoutcast host. I know this data is getting there because I use Wireshark to track the the tcp connection and see the data getting there. When I check my shoutcast stats page it says that the stream is up and running, but nothing plays on my player.

Could someone PLEASE point me in the right direction to attain the information on sending the mp3 to my shoucast host? Algoritmns, block size, example code, etc........ I've been kicking this around so long now that it's driving me nuts!

Thank you in advance for ANY help!!
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