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Microsoft Says Windows 10 Will Be the Last OS Upgrade You'll Ever Need

NEWS ANALYSIS: Once the next version of Windows is installed, Microsoft plans to begin a process of continuous updates that will eliminate the concept of next versions.

There's no question that Microsoft has learned from the pain of getting customers to upgrade from Windows XP and later from Windows 7 to 8. From now on, it never wants to be in the position of having to convince people to buy the next version of Windows.

There has been nothing new or groundbreaking about about any Windows OS since windows 95.

You got your desktop and you got folders and files.

If you're a windows user you will run windows 10 eventuality.

Upgrading now. Doing a clean install.


Who cares?

It's not what OS you got. It's what you do with your computer.

I like making and editing videos.

Have a nice upgrade!
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