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Allrighty then:

The Avatar contest has begun. Here's how it works:

-You have been assigned a person randomly. You will receive a PM very soon which will tell you who that person is, so check your PMs!

-You are to make an avatar for that person (and, therefore, someone will be making one for you)

-Keep the identity of your assigned person a SECRET!

-If you can, try and somehow represent the person through the avatar that you make for them. If you don't feel you know very much about your person, take a look at their skins, and at their posts - in most cases, you'll be able to pick up some characteristic things about them. But most of all, just have some fun making the avatar!

-At the end, everyone will vote for the best avatar. (you will not be allowed to vote for the avatar you made, though you will be allowed to vote for the one that was made for you if you think it's the best)

-The maker of the best avatar will receive...diddly squat (nothing). But the aim is to have some fun, so it's all good.

-Also at the end, whoever wishes to do so may try and guess who made which avatar - and we'll see who gets the most right guesses.

-Avatars may be animated, but they needn't be.

-Avatars need to be 50x50 pixels or less, and 20 kilobytes or less. They need to be in GIF or JPG form.

-The Avatars will be due on the 21st October. This date is not negotiable.

-Send your finished avatar to dawidbleja((at))hotmail[[dot]]com (you'll need to write the @ and . yourselves).

If somehow I've forgotten to PM you, or you want to join in late, PM me ASAP. I'm going to send the PMs right after I finish this post.

Have fun!

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