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See if window is visible

Don't know if this has been posted yet but it took me a while to figure it out cause I didn't really know what to search for but here if anyone else needs it, it returns 1 if the item is visible and 0 if not:

System.getPrivateInt("activated", "Playlist Editor", 0)
//If PLEdit is visible

System.getPrivateInt("activated", "Main Window", 0)
//If Main Windows is visible

System.getPrivateInt("activated", "Thinger", 0)
//If Thinger is visible

It helped me cause you can use it for specific stuff on the PLEditor (For instance, I had a light image that would "turn-on" (persay,not the same looking as nebular but got the idea from that) when you hit play and flash when you hit pause (using the alpha layer to fade from the two images). However, I also made this the button to toggle PLedit on and off. I needed to know if the playlist was active when the script loaded so I would know if the light was on or off when the skin came on (even if it was playing cause the light will always stay on if the pleditor is open,even if music is stopped)

Also, I found someone asking for this a while ago by searching, and there wasn't a difinitive answer.
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