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ive had the skin switcher in a couple of the skins ive coded...but the creator always requested it to be removed...wierd, huh? its easy enought to do...make an xml file with this:


<!-- this is it!! easy, huh? -->

<container id="skinswitch" name="Skin Switcher" default_visible="0">
<layout id="normal" background="component.basetexture" desktopalpha="0" minimum_w="330" minimum_h="220" maximum_w="330" maximum_h="220" default_w="330" default_h="220" >
<group id="wasabi.standardframe.nostatusbar" x="0" y="0" w="0" h="0" relatw="1" relath="1"/>
<group id="config.skins" x="5" y="15"/>

if you were so motivated, you could make it look better (make it bigger or whatever) but thatll make a new container with the skin switcher in it

oh, and i dont care about credits for the ticker thing...i just did that to show em how could just take me off all together. would anyone be intrested in a scrpit with a right click pop-up menu tat does that same thing? if so ill post one i have
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