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api_queue is something i provided and correct it's not in the official sdk as it was made after the last official sdk update iirc though i had provided it separately as part of the JTFE sdk i was providing (which i pulled in february and am trying to bring back along with updating at least 20+ plug-ins). so that explains why it's not easily available but then there's not been a new official sdk for years (though i'm tasked with providing something to resolve that at the moment).

the api_queue.h in that plug-in (which is a mess to try to skim read) is an older version of things but it's about where the current implementation is i.e. it should generally work for what you're trying to achieve.

i have an api_queue example project but i'm in the process of bringing up to date (and to have it included in an official sdk update) so it'll be a week or two before i can provide something that doesn't cause me more work to do (as i'm juggling a load of other projects at the same time which isn't ideal).
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