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The best plugin was, by far, WinLyrics ( It searched lyrics in folders, online, ID3 tag, automatically saved lyrics in file or tag, supported time stamps and auto-scroll, totally configurable, configurable percentage of search result (song name / lyrics file name), etc.

So good that I even translated it in to Portuguese.

Unfortunately, due to cracked versions, they could not support the database anymore, so no more online lyrics with it.

But it still works flawlessly with lyrics saved in text files and in the ID3 tag. In fact, you can configure where WinLyrics will search/save lyrics, etc.

For online lyrics, I still use Lyrics Plugin (

But an "official", "internal" lyrics viewer would be great. I support this idea. That it at leasts reads/writes from/to either a text file and the ID3 tag. And, maybe time stamps and auto-scroll as well?
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