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I guess you'd download one and look at it with audacity. I'm not that curious. I'm just glad not to be going any more deaf than I ever was.

I think if you can hear 15 khz, you got nothing to worry about... yet anyway...

One thing about treble. I notice if it's not there probably more than I can hear it. I think you kinda feel it, even if you can't hear it. Or what you can hear is better.... or something like that .......... I like a good tweeter.

My main problem is that stereos have gotten so accurate that it reveals defects in the source you never heard before. I was trying to listen to some BB King tonight. Very accurate noise.

One thing you gotta say about technology. Audio tech has gotten awesome. These fairly inexpensive Polks I've been running work a lot better than speakers I paid 4X for back in the day.

Hell.... I remember when 30 watts was a lot of power. My computer speakers sound better than some of the stereos I had in the day. My $20 laptop speakers sound better than my dad's "HiFi".

Blaring 15 whole tube watts into paper cone woofers.... My dad would say... Turn that down.... what the hell are you listening to? Look Dad... it's Ozzie... he has a cross...

But like my dad, my music tastes run to things that are a little less manic. I've been playing Moody Blues, Diana Krall, classical music and Elvis Costello tonight....... at very moderate listening levels.

Getting old.
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