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Got Weed? (Consumer Alert)

DO NOT buy this piece of shit!

Troy-bilt TB55REX

I literally fried my old weedeater a few days ago so I went shopping today.

First trip to the hadware store:
I wanted to stay with electric so I wound up wih this impotent hussy. The problem?
It has a disposable stringed head that managed to trim an area large enough to bury the neighbor's great dane before wearing out. Great, it only came with one head.

Second trip to the hardware store:
They had no replacement "disposable heads" leaving me with two choices. Either try to rethread the head by hand or bring the P.O.S. back for a replacement. I went home where I already have a huge spool of line. Impossible to rethread the head by hand so time for plan B.

Third trip to the hardware store:
Returned P.O.S. and exchanged it for P.O.S. replacement.

Black and Decker ST4000

I get home and assemble the handle and the lower guard and attempt to thread it when what? No spring, spool or retainer. You've got to be shitting me!

Fourth trip to the hardware store:
I didn't even disassemble it. I grab another of the same model, open it up to make sure that all parts are there.
They are! AMAZING!!!
I head for the house but keep in mind I'm 6 or 7 miles from the hardware store. I assemble this one, plug it in, pull the trigger......................

 spun at megarevolutions for all of 5 seconds before slowing to a spin that would inflict little pain on my scrotum

Fifth trip to the hardware store:
"I'll take the demo unit, already assembled off the wall!"
We take it outside and try it out on the hardware store's lawn. I drag it home with my spent ass.
I plug it in, trim halfway around the house and run out of line. Different size than what I have on a spool.

No more trips to the hardware store today.

It's laying outside where it ran out of line and the weeds are victorious.
I'll be back with lighter fluid and a match, you motherfuckers.
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