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Direct "Tune In" links not working for me.

I used to be able to use the "Tune In" buttons on the Shoutcast directory page to play the stations with JR Media Center. I just tried this, however, and it no longer works. When I click the "Tune In" link for a radio station, I get an "Open file" dialogue. When I hit "Open," I get an error showing a link to a "temporary internet files" file, and the words "Invalid Menu Handle." If I instead "Save" the file to the desktop and play it, it works fine, but not when I "Open" it directly.

I searched the forum and found a few other references to this error, but nothing that solved it. I tried playing with my security settings and clearing my IExplorer cache, but this didn't help. I can't switch to another browswer, so I need to get this to work with IExplorer.

Thanks for any assistance with this,

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