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The 11 mistakes of Microsoft's Xbox 360

Agree, dissagree you tell me.


#1. Overheating CPU or GPU; cannot comment on this personally... for a 360 I have not
#2. No MsnMusic; may of helped MS usurp some of Itunes sales.. but I care not for I use neither
#3. No HDMI support; strange omission for a "HD console"
#4. Small Harddrive; considering what you get for the $399 a 20GBHD is forgivable
#5. Online Security; says its default settings are wanting
#6. No Browser; I think it would be superfluous and would make the console more vulnerable.
#7. No WMA-HD nor HD-DVD playback; may disappoint thoughts looking to step into the future of video playback
#8. No Divx or Xvid Play back; few will notice fewer will care
#9. No system wide video calibration; refer to the poor individuals who are trying to play Kong on a SD TV
#10. Poor DVD playback quality; much like my PS2 it’s a feature I wouldn’t use
#11. No Pressure sensitive Buttons, significant omission for sim racing fans

Most of these points I find moot though I do agree with points 3,7, and especially 11.
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