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Winamp has gone silent

This really weird thing happend 15 minutes ago. All of a sudden winamp just went silent for no apparent reason. I figured that it was just a driver that happend to fail, it's happend before, so I restarted the computer.

But Winamp didn't work.

So I thought that maybe it was my speakers that had broken down so unplugged the speakers and tried out my headphones in the back of my computer.

Still silent.

Then I began to fear that it was my soundcard that had given up on me. So I started up VLC player and tried to play a track. Worked like a charm. Tried with Media Player aswell. Worked aswell.

Winamp still nothing.

So I thought that maybe one of the drivers had accedently broken down so I should probably reinstall winamp. So I did that and still nothing.

Now, one would think that since I got both Media Player and VLC in working condition that would be that. But I don't really like Media Player and I only use VLC for video files. Besides, I've been a Winamp user since "the dawn of time" almost and I'm just so comfortable with it's layout that I don't wanna change player.

So, could anyone tell me what the hell is wrong?

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