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Originally posted by Barista
Thanks for providing the end-user an option to return to the original "classic" view of Shoutcast Radio. The channel selection choices and description views are FAR BETTER in the original "classic" single-page view (even with the longer vertical scrolling).

I really didn't like the new beta version's "flipping" through many endless and extremely TIME CONSUMING method of viewing online pages just to be able to see and find the many diverse music channel choices Shoutcast Radio has to offer. I know this "new page flipping" method is a way to display more advertisement banners per page, but please find another way to enhance your sales and revenue prospects without destroying the end-user experience and our ability to RAPIDLY and efficiently find the many diverse music genre channels available on Shoutcast.
I vote to keep old style view as an ALWAYS available option.
I don't care what the beta offers now or in the future it will never have the same ease of use as old style.

Like I've said before I don't care about advertising, I just want Winamp to be EASY to use.
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