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If you got some time & bandwidth and to waste, I have some URLs for some pretty smooth online (legal) video clips and short films which you can certain check out. - pretty smooth with the 1500K downloadable clips (don't be a fool and try and stream it), shows some of the real potential of downloadable video content online (if you got the bandwidth to get the clips of course) - Damn how I love a great car chase scene and action.. BMWFilms packs in some nice original short film content plots and smashes up some Beamer's in the process, so you can't go wrong with that. - Already worthy of being named a classic destination online for those with the bandwidth to enjoy it. Atom Films has some of the best short films available on the web all in one spot, and is highly recommended.

If you got a great site you visit often with some sweet streaming video content, please let us know in the discussion.

Peace kiddies,
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