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that is a fair point but unless there is an easy way for the native implementation to be fixed to work with the newer versions (in a way that isn't going to get Winamp/Nullsoft into trouble) then it's going to be one of those things that i feel is going to remain broken in the player.

as for Sharepod, that has the one real thing which Winamp's support doesn't have - the developer resources and interest to work on it. also Sharepod is a bad example as it's .NET app (Winamp isn't) and there's no indication of the license it is provided under and i doubt would be usable in the way that the winamp plugin/client design requires (as it appears to be something for Explorer from the looks of it).

sadly there's not much sign of hope at the moment, even ml_ipod is effectively stopped due to the newer Apple changes so there's really not much of an option other than other apps now (on a plus side tech support on the forums for such things has eased off).

despite the negative view - i'd love to find out that the issues are being worked on and to have egg on my face but nothing i've heard seems to indicate that'll be happening.

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