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Sharepod is a great, minimal app for copying-syncing music too and from an iPod. Highly recommended. The best bit about it is that it's really small and can be loaded and run from the disk area of an iPod so you always have it with you.

The point about technical issues is that Sharepod, Amarok, Foobar, mediamonkey and many others *can* sync with the latest iPods and iPhone. So it is technically possible. However, it may require playing a bit fast and loose with the DMCA and rules in some legislations that prevent reverse engineering. But that's not a whole lot different from what ml_ipod does with all the versions up to the iPod Classic. It just feels that the real problem is a lack of will on the part of AOL to actually deal with this. And that's what sucks.

ps. I'll try and avoid yet another rant about Apple but it's proving really hard. I can understand them wanting it all and using technical details to have it, but unfortunately iTunes still sucks and we need alternatives. It's not just that I happen to prefer Winamp but that we need to have alternatives.
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