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Winamp Backup Tool v1.0 Beta 7 available

Mainly a bug fix release. Spent the whole night to fix that nasty XP compatibility problem.

Also have improved English language file and added some new stuff.

Previous mode code was vastly improved, you won't loose your previous settings anymore, when using automatic mode.

- made that Winamp_Backup.ini is saved in same dir like winamp.ini
Because of that change, you will loose your previous settings. Sorry, I was too lazy to write import code for users of the betas.

That change was important and the new location won't be changed in future again.

having to pick custom, then previous from the drop down is kinda roundabout imo.
Mr.Sinatra: Haven't read that correctly the first time. If you made settings and run the tool again, you don't have to pick 'Previous Mode settings' from the dropdown menu. All your previous selected options are automatically checked.

But we may can implement a nice new thing, related to previous mode.
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