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20 amusing way to make it look like someone else did it....

Dig your fingernails into the back of your neck and drown yourself in a toilet.

Shoot yourself in the chest, and leave behind a suicide note written by someone else in a foreign language.

Stab yourself 80 times with a spoon.

Eat poisoned Cheese Doodles.

Purposely trip over a nun's leg and fall in front of a moving hovercraft.

Secretly eat broken glass in the bathroom of a four-star restaurant.

Tie yourself to two circus elephants and a sea lion, and chase them in opposite directions.

Rig a bomb to go off midway through your Stairmaster workout.

Row a boat into the middle of a nearby pond, swallow several large lead weights, then get in the water. Begin banging your head against the side of the boat until you go unconscious. Oh, and wear a t-shirt that promotes boat safety.

Lock yourself in a meat locker.

Scream "don't!" then throw yourself down an escalator.

Self-train yourself in the art of yoga, then turn your oven on to 350 and climb inside until well done.

Swallow a live sea urchin.

Remove all your clothes, douse yourself with Pine-Sol, and climb into the back of a moving van filled with starving woodpeckers.

Snort lots of flour.

Invite your neighbor's spouse over for dinner a number of times. Then borrow your neighbor's matches and use them to set fire to your house.

After coming out of heart surgery, reopen your incisions and insert a Rolex watch engraved with the doctor's initials. Wait patiently.

Dive in front of a chef at a Japanese steak house.

Tear off the sleeve of one of your best friend's shirts, and hold tightly as you sink in a large pool of quicksand.

In public, get into an argument with someone who lives in a skyscraper. Later, sneak into their apartment while they're sleeping, leave fingerprints, and jump out the window.
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