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Shader clarification

Hi all,

I've been playing with preset editing for a while now, and am feeling like I have a pretty solid understanding of Milkdrop's fundamental components. I would like to dive into the realm of shaders now, but am having trouble understanding a piece of the wiki regarding the different kinds of textures and the tex2D and tex3D functions.

The wiki states
There are 3 types of textures we can access in Milkdrop; sampler_main, noise textures and custom textures.The latter two are covered very well in the preset authoring guide...
I'm not entirely sure what this is referring to when it speaks of noise textures and custom textures, likely because I have not heard them called textures before. Can someone clarify?

Syntax for tex2D seems straightforward: the first argument defines the texture from which to sample, the second, a float2, specifies a location on that texture. The tex3D function, however, is never used, nor clearly explained. I assume the difference is that the input for the second argument should be a float3? I imagine the usefulness of tex3D will be more apparent when I understand the other textures...

Thanks for any assistance you can render; it's very much appreciated!
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