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Hi Psyne

MD has three predefined noise textures: sampler_noise_lq, _mq, and _hq.
Call them like this

ret = tex2D (sampler_noise_hq,uv);

As sampler_main, they can be called using the modifiers _pc_, _pw_, _fw_ and _fc_ which affect the smoothing and folding. Example

ret = tex2D (sampler_pw_noise_lq,uv);

The default is _fw_, to use the other versions you need to specify them in the shader header first

sampler sampler_pw_noise_lq;

Custom texture is simply a picture, jpg or pcx or whatever formats are supported. You need to define it in the header first

sampler sampler_mypicture;

and can then use it within the shader body by

ret = tex2D (sampler_mypicture, uv);

Normally the picture will not have the same aspect ratio as your screen so you'll may want to adjust this as specified in the authoring guide.

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