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Ok ok, I might give it a shot and try to get it to a final and (at least for now) running version. I remeber myself using this one on partys vor vjing and it was mostly running convenient back then.

As stated previously, once again the handle structure of avs had been changed, this requires the hack to be adjusted to parse into the correct branch of the handles-tree.
as a result of that it might only work with classic skin and an outdated version of avs (2.8something)

So actually there is sort of a semi functional 2.3 ...
-install the old version (2.2)
-do at least one first run there (needed for som registry settings)
-patch the 2.3 executeable into the install folder
- ... hope for it to work.

Otherwise you can check the Data-File ... it contains the mess of files i had sitting on my pc since the project had been abandoned. There is no clear structure, massive refactoring is neede.

So well, if i can get my hands on an old Delphi Version 7, i might clean up the mess and get it to work. I dont know whetere the later Delphi Versions are still downward compatible to ancient projects since Delphi moved from Borland to Embarcadero. I'll give it a try this evening, but dont expect anything for now.

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