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Some problems with new server...

Linux 32 bit

Ran the the new sc_serv in the test environment- removed the old sc_serv, copied the new sc_serv to that directory and then fired up that new sc_serv using the existing sc_serv.conf it seemed to run just fine. (sc_trans running too of course)

So I put the new sc_serv into the production server. Seemed to run OK. Looked at it 6 hours later, sc_serv was at 70% CPU, the sc_serv log was full of this error:
ERROR [YP] Could not resolve host address Restarting in 30 seconds.
Seen earlier in the log was:
ERROR [MICROSERVER] Could not create signal pipe [Increase the open files (ulimit -n) limit]
I killed sc_serv and did ulimit -n 1024000 then restarted sc_serv

For about 10 minutes the log was filled with:
ERROR SHOUTcast 1 client connection rejected. Stream not available as waiting on a Directory response
On the STATUS html page for the server, it said:
"Server is currently up and waiting on a Directory response.
Listeners are not allowed until the Directory fully responds."

This stopped of it's own accord after about 10 minutes and now everything is running normally.

I'm wondering why I got ERROR [MICROSERVER] Could not create signal pipe [Increase the open files (ulimit -n) limit] I was hoping the whole open files thing would be gone with the new code. As far as I can tell, problems started when connected listener numbers got above about 350~400.
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