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you still have to adjust the ulimit -n value according to the listener number requirements - without a complete re-implementation of the DNAS's network handling (which is not viable), that limitation is not possible to be avoided when going over 300+ concurrent listener connections on Linux setups due to the defaults used on that platform.

that is why you were getting that error message and unlike before, it didn't crash which is what would have happened.

for that number of listeners (350-400+), a ulimit -n 2048 should be more than enough to cope with going higher (800-900).

everything else with the v2.2 DNAS will cope fine with large numbers of concurrent listeners, it's that you need to configure the system it's being run on to provide the means for the DNAS to be able to do so (hence having to alter ulimit -b as required for your needs on a Linux setup).

and the delay to be seen and re-listed might be related to the issue Robster400 is having (which i'm still trying to determine the cause off) though if you were getting lots of failed connection requests, it's possible that the YP test connection timed out before it could be appropriately handled (which i have seen with heavy concurrent listener connections).

though i might be making some changes with v2.2.1 so client connections will be allowed even without the Directory response normally needed as long as there's enough appropriate information from the source software (which should already happen on YP connection failures but i'll need to re-check).
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