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the old one did the same thing as well, it's just that it's probably more prominent (especially with the DNAS showing it) and because there's a delay added to allow for auto authhash generation etc from the source.

as it waits for the authhash details to come back before it'll allow clients. it's only if there's no YP connection now that it'll allow them through (unless that got broken since it was added internally in early 2012). but there's probably merit in just allowing clients to connect as long as a reasonable name and genre are available from the source being used, is just then some will most likely show different information to a client connected when the YP response has been received (as too many setups don't pay attention to what's set in the source and what's on the authhash - especially in multi-DJ setups).

there is some room for improvement to things and i'll try to do something for the next build. though it still doesn't explain why your setup freaks out when no one elses is doing so even with all of the fixes in the DNAS (as i still suspect it's something to do with the VM that you're using).
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