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milosz: 45mins??? there is something seriously not right with the interaction of the DNAS with your setup as also 280 listeners is well below the file handle threshold unless somehow something on the system is keep them alive when it's not meant to be and is then exhausting them.

as for the new question, there isn't anything in place as i've still to make the code changes needed to allow things through if there is a YP failure / taking too long (as already discussed earlier) but as i'm working on another project at the moment, until that is finished i am not in a position to be able to make DNAS changes and provide a test build as is needed to work out what on earth is going on with your setup as there's nothing to make sense of what the logs and you're reporting is happening.

kapitanluffy: remove the srcip line and instead set in the config file. it will likely not bind (and will indicate a warning in the log output but will continue to run) though as i'm already able to hit and see the DNAS's root page, then it means the routing rules are ok and it'll help you in the long run in providing tune-in links with a DNS name instead of an IP address i.e. so you can move things around and it generally not break the listings.

as setting srcip will only allow connections from that IP and with how things are otherwise setup, it seems like that option isn't going to work too well (never generally does when going through routing).
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