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Originally posted by Boplicity
hey forever, is it safe to visit your site?
it is definitely safe to visit my site, its all up and running. there's nothing executionable about it either. I don't even preload graphics. My skins page isn't quite finished. At the moment I'm doing Mikro's and Mbinners for all the skins that I think are worthy of them. Then I'll be updating that page including some of my older skins that aren't submitted to

Originally posted by Revrick
Forever, you got room to host some of my skins...LOL
I hate making sites for myself...
Host? you mean put up a page for you and your skin as its own entity? or just add them to my overall site?
I got plenty of room. AoL only allows 2 megs per screen name, but one day I checked out their publisher and by doing so I gained another 20 megs. Go figure. You can't get those 20 megs anymore either, I tried on a different account. But I have them. I think I still have 20 unused too. Let me know what you want, then I'll tell you if I can do it

If anyone can find any of the skins I made please email them to
I can't remember all the names but specifically hunting for Lascivious, and DEVOUR (compilation with Jax) and any in the Impulse series which had 6 total. Auriferous, Gilt, Impulse, Nadir, and 2 others I can't remember but you dig.
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