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about in_midi updates - most of people who want to have latest stuff simply browse
windoze-free version of Winamp3 wav plugin is much the same as regular one, but it's stripped from all ACM shit (can't play some weird WAVs, other formats work the same way), and has a few built-in replacement decoders for common non-PCM WAV formats (IMA ADPCM (yes, we all love Red Alert music), a-law, mu-law), and of course it now handles those evil MP3-encoded WAVs correctly, using Winamp3's MP3 decoder (eats way less CPU than ACM MP3 codec, MP3 decoder generates VIS data and processes EQ internally). i don't feel like releasing it because i can build only for windoze for now (no linux sdk yet) and it has less features than regular windoze version.
ps. has anyone actually managed to create working WAVs using that DivX / hacked WMA codec ? they don't work for me at all, and it seems that DivX codec tends to screw with ACM format selection dialog.
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