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Man O man, it must be Christmas! All good things have come together, and they are now PP's Crossfading DirectSound output plugin! This finally fixes a bunch of little annoyances/feature-requests that I've wanted in WA for a while.

I don't know if you want to be pestered with suggestions/questions for this yet but...

1. Are you going to merge your two DS plugins? Both gapless and crossfading in one?

2. It be cool if you could define a few seperate fade lengths. ie. seek, pause, stop, and regular track to track fade.

3. Ability toggle stop fade as well.

4. 'Aggressive' crossfading option ala MusicJukebox. The current track fades out to 0%, and the next track does not fade it comes it at 100%.

Man O Man this is great. Thanks.
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