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Yeah ok now it's making sense. Gap KILLER, not gapLESS. I remember you said you weren't adding gapless support yesterday but I thought you changed your mind! Oh well I edited my above post about gen_alpha there in case you missed it.

A question about the silence removal. The Monkey's Audio input plug has this option as well, are they going to conflict? (They don't seem to for me so far.) I pretty much use Monkey's Audio and OGG exlusively, and the next MAC release will also have Replay Gain support built in. It currently has realtime normalizing & gap KILLING (see I learn ). I wish Matt would make the silence removal and replay gain as seperate plugins, because as it is they are only going to work on ape files (duh). I don't know what to expect with replay gain, I'll have to test it out.

Also your in_vobis comment display code is freaking wonderfull. I mentioned it on the MAC boards but I don't know if he plans on doing something similar or not.

Also, also, have you ever yourself or heard of anyone looking into OGG's multi-channel (ie 2+) support? I think it supports 256 atm. Would there be a way to get say DVD soundtracks into OGG (I don't know if oggenc supports more than stereo channel encoding in its current state or not) and then have a WA plug that outputed 5.1 audio to all these new soundcards? (I have the GTXP myself and just picked up a set of logitech z560s) Boom.
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