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my silence removing stuff shouldn't really conflict with anything - it kills samples before first sample with absoulute value greater than x, and samples after last sample with value greater than x (where x depends on selected volume filter value). simple and efficient (note that it can't kill more end-of-song samples than buffer size - what has been played already can't be removed).

btw, gapkiller was originally meant for gapless playback (see: hydrogenaudio forums), but it does very good job with files that have evil long silence at the end, even without real gapless mode.

about my title formatting code - there are good chances that it will be globally used by Winamp3 (yay). i think i could release the source under some non-restrictive license (it's very easy to use and can be easily copied between any input plugins).

multichannel ogg what ? have you actually found that one of my plugins has some problems with them ? out_vorbis should handle any amount of channels correctly (also 24-bit and 32-bit samples), the same about in_voribs and all output plugins (both old Winamp's default output plugins will screw up, you have been warned; also vis might look ugly and EQ will be probably bork).
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