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Thanks for your help, vbguy! Here's my code:


nsDialogs::CreateControl /NOUNLOAD "RichEdit20A" ${WS_VISIBLE}|${WS_CHILD}|\
${ES_WANTRETURN} ${WS_EX_STATICEDGE} 0 15u 100% 80u ""
File "/oname=$PLUGINSDIR\Readme.rtf" "Resources\Readme.rtf"
System::Call "kernel32::CreateFile(t '$PLUGINSDIR\Readme.rtf', i ${GENERIC_READ}, \
i ${FILE_SHARE_READ}, i 0, i ${OPEN_EXISTING}, i 0, i 0) i .r0"
System::Call "kernel32::GetFileSize(i r0, i 0) i .r1"
MessageBox MB_OK "$1"
IntOp $1 $1 + 1
System::Alloc $1
Pop $2
System::Call "kernel32::ReadFile(i r0, i r2, i r1, *i .r3, i 0)"
System::Call "kernel32::CloseHandle(i r0)"
System::Free $2

Unfortunately, it doesn't display all of the RTF file. I'm guessing this is because of the value that GetFileSize returns, and the additional bytes used for the formatting of the RTF file. I tried using EM_STREAMIN as Anders suggested, but I'm completely lost with that bit of code.... Any further ideas?

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