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Need Streaming Function Help ASAP


I have been reading all of the threads here about this issue, but nothing is working for me.

I am trying to get a player to stream on a website for shoutcast.

I can get a simple player to work just fine, like from

this site.

My problem is this

The site owner wants to have a player that will stream his live radio feed, not a playlist of songs(mp3's) on the site.

But he wants to have admin ability to see how many people are listening, etc.

He tells me that when his site was a wordpress site, he had a shoutstream widget. The widget offered a player that would autoplay, but also had icons in it for WMP, Winamp, etc.

So now that he's moved to an HTML site I can only seem to get the very basic player(mentioned the url above) to work for him.

My question to this community is

Can I get something to work for him that will have the function he wants, that he had with the Wordpress widget?

If yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me as specific of a set of instructions as possible.

I'd really like to provide what he wants, but I've tried a dozen options found in these forums and not much is working for me.

A lot of the options found here are not working for me at all. Of course, a lot of the posts are from many years ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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