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UltraModernUI 2.0 beta released


After nearly seven years of waiting, I am pleased to announce the release of UltraModernUI 2.0 beta 1.

UltraModernUI version 2 still not use the nsDialogs plug-in to displays custom pages (TODO for version 3.0)

  • UltraModernUI is now fully compatible with NSIS version 3 x86 edition and now with the large string special build;
  • The NSISArray plug-in was replaced by the new nsArray plug-in in version who is faster and uses less memory;
  • Updated the InstallOptionsEx plug-in to version 2.4.5 beta 3 with full unicode support;
  • Updated the SkinnedControls plug-in to version 2.3 with unicode support, rewritten documentation and button image size are no more limited to allow smoother gradients;
  • The information page is now compatible with UTF16LE text files if compiled in Unicode;
  • The information page is now compatible with Unix style (LF only) line return text files;
  • The UMUI_CUSTOM_SKIN define is now deprecated, it is no more necessary and you can simply use the UMUI_SKIN define with your custom skin;
  • All button image was recreated with smoother gradient;
  • Reduced weight of skin images;
  • Updated and completed documentation;
  • Added an example for nsDialogs based custom page and documentation;
  • The default install directory for the NSIS + UltraModernUI package is now C:\ProgramData on Windows Vista and upper to allow examples to be compiled without access rights errors;
  • A lot of bug fixes and optimizations;
  • Source code now on GitHub


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