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Originally Posted by mike-db View Post
It's not all depressing though, games are still fun, skinning is still fun, and I'm pretty smitten on this one girl I'm seeing right now. I got commitment issues towards relationships though because I feel like I might move to another part of the country again.
Prioritising, planning for, pursuing and then sustaining a long-term committed relationship cannot be overvalued. Men need to be needed as providers and protectors. Late 20s is actually quite late to start this; if the current girl is good, you should shift your thinking – from not wanting to commit in case you move, to planning on taking her with you if you move.

Start a family, I guess is my point. It makes you realise the degree to which each other aspect of your life actually matters (or actually doesn't). If you're waiting for perfect conditions, I have news for you.

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