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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
imo, those who complain about the footprint of winamp are barking at the moon. i mean come on, winamp is nothing compared to other apps. yes, it should be size efficient. make the core app as small as possible and make as much of it plugin optional as possible. but please, lets not stop progress b/c we don't like change, and or be silly about size on disk. this is no longer 1998.
Agreed, but making is 64bit for the sake of making it 64bit without any added benefit is pointless, especially if it takes away what the player can do now


Current status of Winamp: (Winamp 5.8) is not an ongoing project get wacup

Winamp v5.6.6.3516 bumping on Windows 10 Pro w/ Logitech Z-5500 (Winamp 5.8 Beta )
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