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What's the buzz after all with the Genre listing even confusing the directory Search?

Besides my latest remark - yet unanswered: is there anybody (who's in charge of Shoutcast) out there?... - if "one tries hard one, one shall easily" find out that nowadays the Shoutcast directory Genres haven't much coherent logic; and, more importantly, have little to do with the choices one does when starting a new radio station there!
When one does this, one may choose:
in main entry Pop, e.g. Folk, Rock, which are separate as main Genre entries online;
in main entry Various, Miscellaneous, which appears as Misc as a main Genre entry online; etc.
So, all the structure of the main entries when creating a station has little to do with the way it appears online for a listener to choose; even the new broadcaster has no permission to choose just one Genre, must choose a minimum of 2 (!?) and the one that appears seems to happen randomly: can't he have such a choice?!!! And what about the main Genre order online, it even isn't alphabetical, what's the criterium?
Are you really managing this well, Shoutcast programmers?...
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