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Umm... actually, the Installer of the new version should set all checkboxes just as you had it before. So for a new version, you should just have to hit "Continue" several times. Okay, you should uncheck those things like "Winamp Toolbar", 50 free MP3s and that stuff in the installer.

Also the Startup-Wizard after the installation, should have all options set as before. Current skin, current File Associations etc.

NOTE to the developers: I noticed that the "Winamp Detection Plugins" (don't know the exact English term as I used the installer in German) are checked in the installer ALWAYS, regardless of whether they have been checked before. I don't want them, neither for Firefox nor for Internet Explorer! I also saw that the unchecking of this options is correctly written to the "install.ini" in Winamp's directory, but somehow, it is not read by the next installer...

One of the next installers should be fixed regarding that issue, I think...

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