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Nice, a fast seek mode. I don't think I'll use that specific feature myself, but I noticed some things...

In config the three top radio buttons conflict with the two radio buttons below.

The delay times do not always have the effect you expect (i.e. slower/faster seeking). It looks like the custom delays only work when they're both set to the same time?

Finally, it would be nice if the rewinding/forwarding mode is automatically ended when you stop the track (such that when you start another track it doesn't immediately resume seeking).
And maybe it's an idea to also stop the seek automatically when you uncheck 'Use on Rewind/FF'. At a certain point I had a 'hanging' rewinding seek (i.e. I couldn't find out how to get it to stop seeking) and it took me a while to find out I had to re-enable the FSM option to be able to stop it, heh.

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