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Yeah, I sort of figured that's what it was. So, I would have to deconstruct the ml_iPod code and go in there and change font sizes or something like that?

Conversely, I could probably deconstruct Winamp and change the "window size" for the tab options I suppose.

I was able to go into a program once and change a feature of it. I'm not a programmer and it was a lot of work. I spent hours reading about how to do it and searching out and downloading multiple other programs and utilities in order to make the changes I needed to the program I was trying to modify. I'll probably just end up taking the plunge and installing a newer Winamp, which I really hate to do. I just don't like the newer Winamp look and their resource "hogginess".

That's too bad about this nice little plug-in being effectively dead. I'm a late bloomer to the iPod scene. If one hadn't been given to me, I still wouldn't have one.

Thanks for that input.

edit: I just thought of it and I guess the "proper" word for what I need to do is "decompile" the ml_iPod plug-in and NOT deconstruct it.
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